Study circle: Humans and bees on October 10

Published: 5 October, 2015
Study circle: Humans and bees on October 10

Foto: Erik Sjödin

The study circle Humans and bees is activated by another discussion. This time we’ll meet on Oct 10 at 2.30 pm, in the exhibition The Political Beekeeper’s Library.

The text we’ll read and discuss is Disappearing Bees by Sumugan Sivanesan & Tessa Zettel. The text is published in conjunktion to Plan Bienen, a project conducted throughout the summer in Berlin. As usual, we’ll summarize the text together and try to answer questions along the way. It’s good to have read the text before we meet, but of course you can participate anyway. For questions, contact Erik Sjödin, mail[a)

Humans and bees is a project by Erik Sjödin consisting of a study circle at Under tallarna in Järna and an exhibition at Art Lab Gnesta. The project is part of Utlöparna, a collaboration between Konstfrämjandet, Under tallarna and Art Lab Gnesta. Welcome!