Lack of demand – Frida Klingberg

Published: 1 November, 2015
Lack of demand – Frida Klingberg

November 15 – 20 December 20, 2015
Opening November 15, at 12-16
Inauguration and live gig by Stina Salander at 3 pm

We live in a high tech era where manual labor is automated and about 8% of the population is categorized as unemployed.

At the same time, society presupposes a paid job, both economically and socially, as well as ones ability to ensure ones own employment and employability. Those who don’t have a paid job have a reduced influence over their own lives, while there is a great emphasis and systematic pressure placed on the individual. What does this do to us as humans?

In the project Sauna for the Unemployed artist Frida Klingberg hired unemployed people for sauna bathing and conversations about the experience and knowledge of society one gets by “being unemployed”.

The exhibition is based on the material Frida Klingberg has collected and presented in a large installation with the song We exist! by Stina Salander specially produced for this exhibition. The book Lack of demand – a documentation of the Sauna for the unemployed will also be released during the opening.