Likt en droppe vatten i en bergsspricka, tränger vi oss in i de svåra frågorna. Vi är kapillär­kraften själv, i flytande form rör vi oss med ömtålig spräng­kraft. Vi sipprar nedåt i mörka myllor. Till själva rötterna letar vi oss för att ge omsorg åt det som vill växa ur dem. Art Lab Gnesta är i ständig förändring men samtidigt orubblig. Vi experi­menterar fram nya alternativ i nutid och framtid(er). Genom den konstnärliga tanken och det konstnärliga arbetet är vi en plats för sorgearbete, lek och motstånd.

Like a drop of water in a rock crevasse, we permeate the difficult questions. We are the capillary force itself, in liquid form we move through a fragile explosive force. We seep down into dark soils. We seek for the roots themselves to take care of what wants to grow out of them. Art Lab Gnesta is constantly changing but is, at the same time, unshakable. We are experimenting with new alternatives in the present and the future(s). Through the artistic thought and the artistic work, we are a site for mourning, play and resistance.

Dirgy Dancing – Lisen Ellard

Dirgy Dancing – Lisen Ellard

April 13 – May 26

The tall walls of the large exhibition hall have been covered in black curtains. On each of the bright, almost transparent veils hanging from the ceiling, films of dancers, deeply immersed in personal choreography, are projected.

Dirgy Dancing is a collection of lament dances by local dancers from different places, and is based on the dancers' own experiences of grief. Read more

The Tower of Tears
Event | The Art Workshop

The Tower of Tears

In the Art Workshop, we invite everyone, young and old, to build together the tallest tower ever dedicated to the loss of someone or something. Our sorrows and memories become building blocks, giant walls that together support each other.

Welcome to create together with Art Lab Gnesta's art educators on May 11th and May 25th during our opening hours from 12-4pm, as part of the exhibition Dirgy Dancing by Lisen Ellard.

It is free to participate and we provide materials. Read more

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Our home is the old brewery in Gnesta, where we work in residency studios, a risograph studio, a large greenhouse, a wasteland, workshops and gallery rooms. We do exhibitions, publications, talks, interventions and other events both in the brewery, in public space and with our collaborating partners. In our residency program, artists are invited to produce new artworks that cultivate discussions about our present and its possible future(s).

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