Workshop: Protest Art & Letters to Earth
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Workshop: Protest Art & Letters to Earth

December 17, at 16-18 Welcome to the last open meeting of the year for Squid Squad! We talk about protest art through the ages – how have artists and activists made art to protest, resist and suggest alternatives? We also write our own Letters to the Earth, following a call from the Extinction Rebellion. Read […] Read more

Signs taken for Wonders – Munish Wadhia

Signs taken for Wonders – Munish Wadhia

Oil flows down thin threads, over a sewing machine, metal coils and thread rolls tied up in the ceiling. Tigers are drawn onto a black wall, as a thread between the colonial fantasies of matchboxes produced in Sweden, the Swedish principle of neutrality and the state campaign of "en svensk tiger" (the double meaning of "a Swedish tiger" or "a Swede keeps silent”).  In the exhibition Signs taken for Wonders, artist Munish Wadhia returns to the images and objects that surrounded him during his childhood, but with a decolonial gaze that questions their given meanings. Read more

The exhibition is open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 12-16 until 22/12.

Art Lab Gnesta, the Brewery


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