the Art Workshop

Konstverkstan i Gnesta

Art Lab Gnesta opens a new space for artistic work for children between 8-12 years, with art educators Olle Halvars and Lisa Grip.

Every Monday between 2-4.30 pm Konstverkstan is open in the old brewery house in Gnesta. Here, in an old house full of artists and the artworks they left behind, a new meeting spot for Gnesta’s youth has emerged.

Together we will try different ways of making art: we draw and paint, and make large sculptures in paper and wood. We will especially work with artistic themes that deal with the earth we stand on and its future. Here, we explore what the participants think about and want to try out!

It is completely free to join. At each meeting we offer fruit and drinks.



Konstverkstan is made possible through generous support from MUCF.
MUCF, Myndigheten för ungdoms- och civilsamhällesfrågor