Hydran’s Wet Collection of Spells

Hydran’s wet collection of spells is a collaborative effort where artists, locals, archaeologists, historians and children through play and art develop a set of strategies for learning to live in poisoned, wounded and forever changed landscapes inspired by the ancient myth of the eight-headed monster The Lernean Hydra.

Together we take on a couple of local shadow places (clearcuts, rubbish heaps, poisoned lakes) in order to gather strength through speculation, artistic immersion and joint exercises to make room for something new. Two artists are invited to produce new artworks in our residency. The project also strives to protect the free artistic experiment in a time bordered by threats to freedom of expression and a lack of trust in the untested and experimenting.

The project runs between 2023-2025 and culminates in a festival, an exhibition and a publication that is displayed both at Art Lab Gnesta and in collaboration with two regional nature centers.

The project is carried out with support from the Postcode Foundation.