Mural painting with Olle Halvars

Published: 15 May, 2020
Mural painting with Olle Halvars

The artist Olle Halvars

Olle Halvars

We know that many of you have been eager to paint big – and the wall behind the brewery towards the new greenhouse needs you! Now we have invited the artist to work with you to make a large mural on the 7 * 2.5 m wall. Olle tells us more about his artistry, we sketch together and during the first holiday of the summer we change the wall together!

Intro Workshop
Monday, May 25, 4 pm-6pm

Mini Kollo
Saturday-Sunday June 13-14 at 10-16

June 13-14 we serve a simple lunch, don’t forget to notify if you need a special diet.

Squid squad is for you between 13-25 years in or around Gnesta who are interested in climate issues and art.

Limited number of seats! (Free as usual!)
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