Squid Squad – Upcoming meetings & dates

Published: 27 March, 2020
Squid Squad – Upcoming meetings & dates

Bild: Velodona Togata av Friedrich Wilhelm Winter från boken Cephalopod Atlas, 1910.

Wednesday, April 7 at 4.30 pm – Writing Workshop, via Zoom

Together we work with our own texts towards the goal of publishing a book later this spring.

The book consists of texts and drawings about a future or a parallel world and what it is like to be human on this planet.


Monday, April 13 at 10 am – Movie recording, central Gnesta

This spring we will make the bike monument ready! We record a movie that we will be sharing on April 24, when it was intended that Fridays for future would hold a global strike.


Monday, April 13 – Deadline for drawings for the book (for those who have the material kit)


Email caroline.malmstrom@artlabgnesta.se if you want to join or know more!

What is Squid Squad?

Squid Squad is for everyone between 13-25 years in (and around) Gnesta who wants to engage in issues about climate change and the environment in different ways. Read more