Now released: Action plan to counteract a segregated art field

Published: 5 June, 2020
Now released: Action plan to counteract a segregated art field

Now we release Action plan to counteract a segregated art field together with the Konstfrämjandet Stockholm (People’s Movements for Art Promotion). The action plan, which is about a hundred pages long, is written by a variety of people and collectives in and outside Sweden. The ambition is that it will be used by a variety of readers in a variety of contexts. As a source of knowledge, a basis for conversation and a tool for a unsegregated field of art. The project was carried out with the support of the Kulturbryggan.

Editors: Sebastian Dahlqvist, Macarena Dusant and Ulrika Flink

Contributors: Jon Aagaard Gao | Meria Ahmemulic Color Island | Frida Klingberg | Hanni Kamaly | Cecilia Germain | Sarah Nakiito | Lena Stenberg Nazem Tahvilzadeh | Tomas Colbengtson | Donia Saleh | Movement Museum (MoM) | Mi Tijo | Katarina Pirak Sikku | Louise Khadjeh-Nassiri | Egbert Alejandro Martina | Sofia de la Fuente | Sonia Sagan | Johnny Chang Ramona Sno | Hodan Warsame | Patricia Schor Am alhaag | Maria Guggenbichler

Design: Alexandra Falagara
Logo: Nathalie Ruejas

The action plan can be purchased for SEK 150 for private individuals and SEK 250 for institutions and organizations. All proceeds from the sale of the action plan go to a newly started fund with the aim of supporting projects that help to decolonize and segregate the art field.

As an institution or organization, it is also possible to book workshops and talks based on the action plan. When ordering a book or booking a workshop email to

Konstfrämjandet Stockholm Kulturbryggan