What is growing at Bryggeriholmen? Workshop in Cyanotopia

Published: 24 June, 2020
What is growing at Bryggeriholmen? Workshop in Cyanotopia

Papaver Rhoes - Anna Atkins, 1845

Friday, August 14 from 13-16
at Art Lab Gnesta

Anna Atkins was born in 1799 and was an English botanist and photographer. Her book “Photopgraphs of British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions” from 1843 was the first book ever to contain photographs. The method she used is called cyanotopia, and is a way to expose photos using sunlight.

In the workshop we test cyanotope, by developing cyanotope images of the plants we find around us. What does biodiversity look like at Bryggeriholmen? What grows wild, what is planted and which potted plants are popular here? Together we try to get to know the hyperlocal biotope and begin a larger survey of what is living next to us.

Squid squad is for you between 13-25 years in or around Gnesta who are interested in climate issues and art.

The workshop is free, but we have a limited number of places.

Pre-register to caroline.malmstrom@artlabgnesta.se by August 10th.