Re-Imagining the Forest
Swamp Storytelling

Re-Imagining the Forest

Workshop with the illustrator Rajasee Ray, residency artist at Art Lab Gnesta. Arranged in cooperation with Grafikens hus. 25th October, 4 pm to 6 pm, at Södertälje Konstnärskrets with a light dinner included Free of charge · Sign up by emailing: During october the illustrator Rajasee Ray has been having a residency at Art Lab Gnesta. […] Read more

Say what you want!

Say what you want!

Learn how to make posters to spread your ideas and make a difference! The poster has a long history of being used as a tool to spread information and change society. During six inspiring workshops together with the graphic designer Martin Ander you will get to know how to work with text and drawings. Come […] Read more

Art Lab Gnesta, the Brewery

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Take creative pictures with the Laboscope

Scientist Sir David Brewster invented the kaleidoscope in 1816. Two hundred years later, Art Lab Gnesta is launching the Laboscope, a new instrument to create unique observations. More information

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