Art Lab Gnesta works actively with different artists and researchers and in other activities with related goals and interests.

Right now we are developing a national network for self-organized activities with the support of the Swedish Exhibition Agency, which includes Galleri Syster, Verkligheten, Not Quite, Rejmyre Art Lab and Kultivator.

Art Lab Gnesta is planning a residency exchange with ANET – The Andaman and Nicobar Islands Environmental Team on the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal, India, for artists who work with environmental issues. We are also participants in Safe Haven, a residency program for artists subject to political persecution, headed by HIAP in Helsinki.

In 2013, we developed closer cooperation ties with the Swedish History Museum in Stockholm, Microclima in Venice, Mustarinda in Hyrynsalmi, Finland, Eskilstuna’s art museum and the Sörmland County art consultant. Additionally, we were co-organizers for Context in Flux, an initiative of the Swedish Exhibition Agency.

Art Lab Gnesta has previously explored potential networking platforms through participation in the Supermarket Art Fair, the art fair What a Mess! in Fredrikstad, Norway, and Belgrade Art Fair in Serbia. We have also been invited to present and discuss our work in different contexts, such as at the “Intensivdagar” held by the Swedish Exhibition Agency in December, 2012. In October of 2011, we arranged the Nordic Commuter’s Network Meeting in cooperation with Botkyrka konsthall. The meeting included representatives invited from the residency programs in Finland, Estonia, Poland, Romania and Turkey. The meeting lasted a few days in Gnesta and included presentations, discussions and field trips. After the meeting, the Nordic Commuter’s Residency Project Notebook (pictured above) was produced, designed by Maryam Fanni.