Plein Air Residency

– Art Lab Gnesta and Västerås Art Museum collaborate on new artistic production

Between 2019-2021, Art Lab Gnesta and Västerås Art Museum invite three Nordic/Baltic artists to residency and production of new art works in an interdisciplinary collaboration that grows from on the landscapes of Sörmland and Västmanland. The three artists are invited to stay at Art Lab Gnesta and initiate work based on questions about the surrounding landscape.

During a time when many art actors find it difficult to focus resources on supporting the production of new works of art, through the collaboration we want to provide space and opportunities for new works of art emerge through this collaboration, in dialogue with local voices, scientific and historical references. The stays are tailor-made for the invited artists, focusing on meetings with on-site skills.

Nayab Ikram will start her residency in November 2019 at Art Lab Gnesta and will participate in the Västerås Art Museum’s collections exhibition Föreställningar om naturen (Conceptions of nature) in 2020. Read more