Art Lab Gnesta 2015

Published: 20 February, 2015
Art Lab Gnesta 2015

Art Lab Gnesta’s Signe Johannessen and Erik Rören have been awarded Gnesta municipality’s Youth Leadership Award for their work with Gnesta Artistic Youth Council. Now we look forward to yet another year with the project.

In the end of December, parts of the ALG crew will travel to ANET, The Andaman Islands in India, to start the project Swamp Storytelling and host the residency’s first guest artist Mikael Lindahl.

We continue our work with next years program; presenting works by Giorgi Rodionov from Tbilisi, a seminar with artist Frida Klingberg around the experience of being unemployed and the network for self-organization, and of course dozens of other collaborations. This winter Gnesta painting wall will be open as usual.

Thank all of you who’ve visited us and collaborated with us during the year. Merry Christmas and a happy new year! See you in 2015.

Photo: Gnesta Artistic Youth Council with Emanuel Hallklint and Johan Lidman.