Syria and the Sun – Gnesta culture festival 2016

Published: 6 September, 2016
Syria and the Sun – Gnesta culture festival 2016

As part of Gnesta culture festival on September 24, Art Lab Gnesta has invited the theatre group Syria and the Sun. The self-organized group of Syrian refugees now lives on Öland. Welcome to see them perform their acclaimed play Syria and the Sun at Elektron at 4 pm.

It’s a play with music and pantomime about the long flight to Sweden, with and for children and adults. Welcome to take part of the refugees experiences, memories, happiness and sorrow, fortune and pain.

Playwright: Sahar Tizani
Director: Fateh Alnassan

We also invite everyone for the opening of the exhibition Nohome as a pattern of life at 12-16. – local TV on the play
• – radio visits the exhibition
Facebook-event for Nohome as a pattern of life 

About Gnesta culture festival 2016
A festival for everyone with focus on diversity and integration. During this day you’ll experience music, theatre and art from different parts of the world, and be part of workshops in different corners of Gnesta. Welcome!

Saturday September 24, 2016 at 11.00 – 17.00 pm
Locations: Art Lab Gnesta, Strömmentorget, the Library and Elektron
Free admission all day!

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Gnesta culture festival is arranged by Gnesta kommun in collaboration with Scenkonst Sörmland, Gnesta Kulturskola, Art Lab Gnesta and Momentum Gnesta.