Workshop during the holiday (sportlovet)

Published: 17 February, 2017
Workshop during the holiday (sportlovet)

Draw Gnesta’s new superheroes

Draw Gnesta’s new super heroes with Art Lab Gnesta March 3 from 12.00 to 15.00. What does your superhero look like? And what function does the superhero have in the future of Gnesta? The workshop is free and suitable for 8-10 year olds but adult children are also welcome. No prior knowledge is required and Art Lab Gnesta provides materials and offers coffee.

Pre-registration is due no later than February 28 to

Come and make a movie!

Everyone has something to tell and moving image is a great way to do it. Children, young people and adults, everyone is welcome! Everyone can make their own movie or make one together in a group. Choose one of our three film workshops during the sports holiday. We end each worshop with watching each other’s movies.

  • Thursday, March 2 at 10am at Art Lab Gnesta. 15 places. Register at
  • Thursday, March 2 at 2 pm (afternoon group) at Art Lab Gnesta 15 locations. Register at
  • Friday, March 3 at 12:15 in Stjärnhov, Föreningshuset report to

Children under the age of 9 in the company of adults.