Artists on the move – conversations on sharing, openness and the (re)distribution of resources

Published: 31 March, 2017
Artists on the move – conversations on sharing, openness and the (re)distribution of resources

A one day seminar, sat 22/4, 10-16 at Art Lab Gnesta

The last years we have seen several initiatives trying to open up the structures of the swedish field of art for colleagues who have recently gotten here. Art Lab Gnesta want to invite you to a one day seminar where we will discuss experiences from some of these initiatives. Together we will discuss how artists who has recently gotten here can continue their work by getting access to existing networks and resources.

What interests and needs do our colleagues have? How can small scale platforms for contemporary art share their resources? What social, juridical and political obstacles do our colleagues face and how can we work together to change them? Can we, with knowledge about the fact that life for many remain uncertain, establish a network that provides a collegial network and artistic context no matter where in sweden you are based?

This seminar is open to artists, organizations and networks with knowledge and experience about working with newly arrived colleagues as well as artists, organizations and networks interested in learning more and wanting to engage in the work to open the art field up for newly arrived colleagues.

Participation is free of charge, submit by emailing:

The seminar is planned by Caroline Malmström and Sebastian Dahlqvist. It is a part of Momentum Gnesta, a project stretching over several years in which newly arrived kids and youngsters, artists, local organizations and other people living in Gnesta meet in collaborative art- and culture projects.