Sara Ekholm Eriksson is the artist of the year in Tänka med jorden

Published: 19 August, 2022
Sara Ekholm Eriksson is the artist of the year in Tänka med jorden

Sara Ekholm Eriksson. Photo: Emanuel Hallklint

The artist Sara Ekholm Eriksson has been invited to create a new work of art within the framework of Tänka med jorden (Think with the earth/dirt), our collaboration with Nynäs castle/Sörmlands naturbruk and Sörmland museum. The project is based on Nynäs castle, its more than 800-year history, the surrounding landscape and the 3,822-hectare nature reserve. New works of art – some permanent – ​​others more temporary, are developed here by invited artists and invite reflection on the role of humans as part of nature. An experimental place where artists, young people and the public can meet in questions about how we live in, use and care for our surrounding landscape.

Sara Ekholm Eriksson was born in Uppsala and received her master’s degree in fine arts from Royal Institute of Art including a year at the École des Beaux-Arts de Paris, 2022. Ekholm Eriksson’s work examines the borderland between natural and artificial materials and is inspired by changing processes and metamorphoses in nature’s ecosystem. In her art, questions are asked about experiences of time: in the site-specific installations, sediments of layers of time appear that show man’s influence and relationship with nature. The tracks, form a form of geological memory but which nevertheless reminds of human transience. Ekholm Eriksson’s work is interdisciplinary and she often collaborates with researchers, ecologists or musicians among others. She has previously exhibited at Accelerator, Art Lab Gnesta, The Swedish Museum of Natural History and the Nationalmuseum. Sara Ekholm Eriksson is awarded the 2022 edition of the Maria Bonnier Dahlin scholarship.

We look forward to inaugurating the new artwork in June 2023. The project is run by Art Lab Gnesta with the support of The Swedish Arts Council and Region Sörmland.