Artist talk: Alexandra Crouwers – The Plot

Published: 25 August, 2023
Artist talk: Alexandra Crouwers – The Plot

Friday 1 September, 5-6 pm
The greenhouse, Art Lab Gnesta

During the last two weeks artist Alexandra Crouwers has been a guest in Art Lab Gnesta’s residency. Welcome to listen to her presentation! The presentation is given in English.

“In September 2019, a small family forest in The Netherlands, acquired by my grandfather in 1964, had to be cleared due to a European bark beetle outbreak. Six months later, a virus caused global upheaval. Both events are intertwined through the climatological and ecological breakdowns we’re experiencing. The clearcut became a lens to look at these dynamics, and an arena for artistic research on dealing with eco-anxiety in an – overwhelmingly digital – artistic practice.

In the talk, I’ll focus on the clearcut that is now called The Plot, its history, its particular circumstances, and its current regeneration. The former forest turns out to be fertile grounds for the imagination.“

About the artist: Alexandra Crouwers (NL, 1974) is a visual artist and artistic researcher exploring digital tools as mediators for connections across time, space and ecologies. This results in a body of work that centers on immersive video installations using digital animation, but ventures into emoji proposals, Augmented Reality and scanned models, audio and texts.

Crouwers’ work is concerned with envisioning post-human scenarios, dealing with post-pandemic sentiments, and the role of animism in our relationships to technology. She’s currently finalising a doctoral trajectory at Leuven University and LUCA School of Arts in Brussels. Crouwers lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium.