The peninsula project

On an approximately 1 km2 small peninsula between the water and the railway, with a varied environment with a long shoreline, there is a residential area, a paved parking lot, an art gallery and an overgrown wasteland. Snowberry bushes and geraniums in pots, insects and small birds stay here with humans, pets and “pests” such as mice and silverfish. The people at the site have different views on how care should be provided here and who the site is for. They have organized themselves in the form of a tenant-owner association, an art association and a local nature conservation association.

What happens to a demarcated public space if a “we” is created that defies species-specific boundaries? What organisms do we share our everyday lives with? Can a new public space arise if we consider several species in the so-called public space? The project’s research and implementation maps and highlights the species as a common “we”.

A planetary approach requires us humans to redefine our patterns of life. The peninsula project wants to investigate how we can establish new relationships between us who coexist on Bryggeriholmen in Gnesta. What effects can community building practices have on a small place? In an extremely polarized society, what strategies are important to be able to live together?

Within the framework of the project, new works of art are produced by Mirko Nikolic & Marika Troili, Markakt (Sara Söderberg & Jenny Käll) and Art Lab Gnesta in collaboration with the Nature Conservation Association Daga-Gnesta and the the tenant-owner association Brf Bryggeriholmen 1. The project will be presented in the spring of 2022.

Mirko Nikolic at the potato cellar on Bryggeriholmen. Photo: Caroline Malmström