Gnestamodeller – a bridge between the present and the future of the local community

Published: 20 April, 2012
Gnestamodeller – a bridge between the present and the future of the local community

April 21 – May 13, 2012

The future is here, and it belongs to the kids!

With our spring and summer exhibitions Art Lab Gnesta creates a sensuous bridge from the present into the future. Children are the future citizens, and their creative models for our common habitat are now emerging in the Brewery’s exhibition hall.

It consists of three projects carried out together with the fourth and fifth grades in Gnesta’s elementary schools. First up is the Ö-Projekt and Cat Walk, which will be shown between 21 April and 13 May at Art Lab Gnesta.

In the Ö-Projekt, pupils work with the water cycle and build floating islands, while Cat Walk challenges the fashion world with pupils’ own clothing design collections in recycled materials – cool, stylish, smart and durable! Further, visitors can experience what can be achieved with a pair of scissors and an old t-shirt …

On June 1, follwing the Ö-Projekt and Cat Walk, is Gnestopia, where art and agriculture collective Kultivator will return with a large installation built from pupils’ sketches and suggestions. All three projects are supported by Skapande Skola.

Green Map – The Sustainability Map
In addition to this, Art Lab Gnesta looks with green eyes at the local community and maps Gnesta Municipality’s natural cycles. Companies, institutions and individuals in Gnesta are invited to a dialogue with an environmental focus as visualised by Art Lab Gnesta in this interactive project.
The result is a sustainability map – a tool for visualising Gnesta’s transition to sustainable development.

In the project room: Pär Johansson
The project area provides Art Lab Gnesta room for artistic recycling of quite another kind. We are proud to introduce the sculptor Pär Johansson, whose works can be said to constitute an invocation of recent history. In his assemblage Johansson shows objects that have been lost in the passage of time, in order to tap into their memories and to dream beyond their usable aspects. With that he brings to the present – and future – a necessary poetic resonance.
Pär Johansson trained at the Royal Academy of Art in Stockholm and currently works in Björnlunda. This exhibition also opens on 21 April.