Contamination of Evidence – inheriting culture in our time

Published: 2 October, 2013
Contamination of Evidence – inheriting culture in our time

Foto: Katarina Nimmervoll, Historiska museet

February 22, 2014

Contamination of Evidence is a collaboration between Art Lab Gnesta and the Swedish History Museum. The project aims to provide new fuel to the debate on how the concept of identity can be interpreted, visualized and portrayed from a heritage perspective through contemporary art.

The use of history to reinforce and polarize different identity groups has grown, and in the past year questions around representation of different backgrounds and stereotypical representations in art and culture has been subject of great debate. Working with historical materials from these issues is a highly topical issue in a world that seems to crave discussion of both their own and others’ identity.

Contamination of Evidence, whose title alludes to the use of historical objects, combines free artistic creation and a museum’s knowledge of history and heritage. Thoughts processed through artistic work highlights the contemporary dimensions of the objects. As well as artistic expression, this has the potential to add new perspectives to the interpretations of history.

The project’s research phase started at the Swedish History Museum in the fall of 2013.  A process presentation is planned for February 2014.

Invited artists and designers: Hans Carlsson, Maryam Fanni and Rikard Heberling , Signe Johannessen, Kvinnors byggforum and Paula Urbano.

Project team: Caroline Malmström,  Art Lab Gnesta, Katherine Hauptman and Susanna Zidén, Swedish History Museum .