GKU Exhibition 2014

Published: 7 July, 2014
GKU Exhibition 2014

Stillbild ur Identity Symphony vol 1 - Ronnit Hasson

May 26 – june 29, 2014

GKU (Gnesta Young Artists’ Association) started 2013 as an initiative of  Art Lab Gnesta. Through GKU we want to increase the participation of young people in the cultural life and explore issues of identity linked to Gnesta. How can the youth of the Gnesta area get involved in influencing Gnesta’s development? Professional artists cooperate with the youth in GKU to carry out different artistic productions. This exhibition features a number of works that have been realized the last year.

Identity Symphony Vol 1 – Ronnit Hasson
“Like music, film is a rhythm that speaks directly to our emotions.”

In November last year GKU brought together eight young people with the artist Ronnit Hasson. Together they produced questions and an interview method that would demonstrate the expressions and wordless moments that defines us as human beings.

When the group had agreed on the questions, the recordings started. By registering the participants’ body expressions with the camera the artist tried to grasp what defined each person. A connection was traced, and when those impressions was combined a new story emerged.

The title Identity Symphony Vol 1 alludes to the film’s musical qualities. Because the viewer can not hear the questions asked, we encounter disjointed emotions and ideas that together form a symphony. The work has been produced specifically for GKU and is part of the artist’s ongoing project that will be developed together with different groups to come.

Ronnit Hasson was educated at the Royal Court. Arts in Stockholm and has previously exhibited at Kulturhuset, Moderna museet and Miami Art Museum Contemporaries. In GKU she has also been a supervisor for Julia Rubulis, Emma Norlin, Fredrik Olof Eriksson and Maja Nordblad.

Thanks to Frederick, Frida, Emma, Sanna, Maja, Wilhelm, Julia and Anastasia.

Untitled – Maja Nordblom
A fuzzy body oscillates between stomach and back position in a large swimming pool. The tranquil atmosphere is both serene and eerie. Has the body been exposed to something? Or is the enclosing water a protective barrier, as in a womb? Through the interest in the feeling of insecurity Maja Nordblom began working with video, “When I first came up with the idea of this project, it was a moving image that popped into my head, and when the video was the only thing I could think of to work with. ”

Maja Nordblom is currently studying the first year of painting and sculpture studies at Vårdinge by folkhögskola.

Psychosis Symphony – Fredrik Olof Eriksson
Fredrik Olof Eriksson distort and portray reality at the same time. An inner surreal world takes shape in a restless self-portrait. Behind the work lies ideas about creativity, how things are broken down and rebuilt, but also sources of inspiration as artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. “When everything has been destroyed, there is so much space to create the new.”

Fredrik Olof Eriksson currently reading the final year of painting and sculptureeducation at Vårdinge village folk high school.

Chia – Emma Norlin and Julia Rubulis
Chia began as a game, but eventually became more and more organized. Discussions about how creativity function, and its abstract movements is set to portray an inner life. “Thoughts flowing, thoughts that are shaken, thoughts are like seeds that germinate in one’s brain. Where do they come from? And can you save them?”

Emma Norlin studies the first year at the arts and crafts line, Julia Rubulis last year of painting and sculpture training, both at Vårdinge by folkhögskola.

Spill – Sanna Svala Lundberg
In her photographs Sanna Lundberg make up new worlds with the help of the lost and found waste material. This is where she places the silhouettes of a body that seems almost weightless. Through purposeful use of light and darkness she brings the material to life. “I work with thoughts and spills, a back of the head so heavy with ideas and memories.”

Sanna Lundberg is currently studying her final year of painting and sculpture studies at Vårdinge by folkhögskola.

The exhibition is open until June 29.

The production has been carried out in dialogue with the project group of GKU: Erik Rören, Signe Johannessen and Caroline Malmström. Technical Support: Peter Olsén.