Meeting You – a duo on friendship

Published: 6 November, 2014
Meeting You – a duo on friendship

Photo: Håkan Jelk

2014 Art Lab Gnesta and Scenkonst Sörmland Arts hosts a dance production by Helena Franzén and Ori Flomin.

The theme of the upcoming show is friendship and togetherness. What causes and create friendships? What is the kind of attraction in people that touch and affects us, and what remains in our consciousness? How do we build understanding of another human being? Do we put the friendship to the test when we fully share all decisions of the creative process? Helena and Ori want to challenge themselves and try new operating practices by mixing improvisation and keep certain parts open in an apparent choreographic structure. This particular element of surprise, to act and react unprepared, is a way to create the unexpected, both in process and in the finished show.

Choreography and dance: Helena Franzén, Ori Flomin
Music: Jukka Rintamäki (Silverbullit)

27/11 Concert Hall Scenkonst Sörmland, tickets 140 kr, kl. 19:00
28/11, Elektron, Gnesta

In conjunction with the show, Art Lab Gnesta releases a new issue of our magazine Fält.