Study Circle: Humans and Bees

Published: 29 May, 2015
Study Circle: Humans and Bees

Human and Bees is a project which includes a study circle and an exhibition study circle at Under tallarna in Järna and an exhibition at Art Lab Gnesta in Gnesta.

In the study circle the participants meet and immerse themselves in the topic of humans and bees. The study circle is facilitated by Erik Sjödin and will take place next to the bee hives at Under tallarna in Järna.

During the study circle Erik will present The Political Beekeeper’s Library; an ongoing effort to collect, organize and present books where parallels are drawn between bees and humans. The library deals with subjects such as social behavior and organization, anthropomorphism and zoomorphism, and human and animal interdependencies and interrelationships.

The participants will also read and discuss a selection of texts on the topic of humans and bees. The texts will be in English and the conversation will be in Swedish or English depending on the participants.

The study circle will happen at Under tallarna i Järna at 16:15, 7/6, 5/7 and 2/8. Register by contacting mail[a] The study circle is free. Under tallarna is located 15 min walk from the train station in Järna. Adress and map can be found here.

In September 2015 The Political Beekeeper’s Library will be presented at Art Lab Gnesta.

Humans and Bees is part of Utlöparna, a collaboration between Konstfrämjandet, Under tallarna, and Art Lab Gnesta.