One step closer to Marita

Published: 12 May, 2016
One step closer to Marita

May 28 – June 5, 2016

During the past year, Konstfack’s textile students year 1 have visited Art Lab Gnesta to take a closer look upon the archive of personal and professional belongings that once belonged to Marita Mörck Schultz.

Marita Mörck Schultz was a textile and furniture designer and co-founder of the foundation that owns the brewery house where Art Lab Gnesta houses. When she passed away in 2009, she left behind an exciting library of effects, both very personal objects, but also professional material from her role as a designer.

Based on the meeting with her textiles and furniture, sketches, old correspondence, photo albums etc, the students worked in different directions out of their own artistic interests, and then designed concepts and objects from their personal starting points. The very act of going through Marita’s archive and make subjective selection have been a way to meet Marita as a person and designer.

What happens when one’s history is placed in the hands of others? The line between fact and fiction is blurred and together the student’s different starting points, inspirations and interpretations let us get one step closer to Marita.

With works by: Alexandra Andersson, Johanna Eklund, Lisa Englund, Ellinor Hedberg, Anna Moller, Fia-Maria Nilsson, Mathias Nirstedt, Frida Peterson, Julia Riordan, Cecilia Schmidt and Marita Mörck Schultz.