Momentum Gnesta – a celebration of humanity

Published: 11 December, 2016
Momentum Gnesta – a celebration of humanity

December 1, at 16.00-17.30

Once again we invite you to a celebration of humanity in the darkness before christmas!

Art Lab Gnesta and Lokstallet Gnesta AB invites all fellow citizens to a symbolic mobilization. We want to gather the people in Gnesta who stand up for diversity, the right of all people and a life of peace and freedom, and every man’s right to his own opinion. In times of polarization this manifestation is a collective tribute to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Together we’ll support this declaration and walk 500 meter for an inclusive village!

We gather outside Art Lab Gnesta where we’ll show videos made by the children of Stjärnhov, and also listen to some musical elements. Then we’ll walk together with lighted torches along the lake of Frösjön, past our beautiful Gnesta, up to Lokstallet where we’ll have mulled wine and listen to a speech. The manifestation is rounded off at Långsjö teater present a crackling fire show with the jester group TRiX.

Welcome to join us!

16.00 – Art Lab Gnesta exhibit student works from Frejaskolan, a film project based in Stjärnhov and sound works from Toncirkeln & Gnesta Waldorfskola
16.30 – We walk along the light bordered boardwalk to Lokstallarna
17.00 – Concert with Karins Änglar
17.10 – Speech
17.15 – Fire Show with the jester group TRiX

This manifestation is religiously and party politically independent. The following organizations and companies stand behind the manifestation:
Lokstallet Gnesta AB
Art Lab Gnesta
Gnesta Handel
Gnesta Solidariet
Konst i Gryt
Kören Karins Änglar
Lions Club Gnesta
Gnesta/Trosa Gode Man- och Förvaltareförening
Föreningen Teater i Gnesta
Skottvångs Gruva
Gnesta Waldorfskola
Musik & kulturföreningen Ateljé 42
Natuskyddsföreningen Daga-Gnesta

Lokstallet in Gnesta, logotype
Art Lab Gnesta logotypye