Published: 16 December, 2016

This winter, Art Lab Gnesta continues to develop our cooperation with Indian research network Earth Colab on site in India, and the residency artist of 2016/17 Jennifer Rainsford will soon arrive for a stay in the Indian wetlands. We also give you one of Swamp Storytelling’s productions: the Laboscope app, a new tool for unique observations.

In 1816 scientist Sir David Brewster invented the kaleidoscope. 200 years later Art Lab Gnesta presents Laboscope, a new tool for unique observations.

A decaying leaf in a mudpit transforms into a suggestive body. A sprouting bud creates intricate patterns. Just like snowflakes Laboscope never duplicates its output.
Discover the ecosystems around you. With Laboscope you have an instrument for close observations, unique perspectives and a tool for you to capture the beauty.

Art Lab Gnesta is collaborating with the research network Earth CoLab in Swamp Storytelling – a mutual artistic, pedagogical and ecopolitical quest where artistic practice and natural sciences intertwine. Laboscope is an outcome of this collaboration.

The work has been moderated by Erik Rören and Signe Johannessen in dialogue with approximately 100 8th graders from Frejaskolan in Gnesta, Sweden.

A celebration of nature’s multifaceted beauty!


Share your photos with the hashtag: #laboscope