Invitation to talk and discussion about hidden economies

Published: 15 September, 2017
Invitation to talk and discussion about hidden economies

As a part of the new project Trading in Kind, Maj Horn and Art Lab Gnesta invites to an evening with talk and discussion about hidden economies at Art Lab Gnesta. There will be a dinner during the event.

26/9, 6pm-8pm
Free. Register by mail: (before 25/9)

The title of the project refers to the economic term In kind, which is used for exchanges that do not involve money, such as trading among neighbours and friends. By focusing on these other economies, that exist within, behind and next to the dominant economy, Maj Horn wants to create a space for imaginative studies and dialogues about how we value and negotiate our time, knowledge, and goods. During the evening Maj Horn will present work, thoughts and inspiration for Trading in Kind and invite the participants to take part in collective knowledge sharing and discussion, about what kind of hidden economies there exists in Gnesta and the surrounding area, how do they function and what are the social connections?

The dinner will be vegetarian. You are very welcome to bring a dish or something to drink to the dinner, but it is not necessity.

Maj Horn (b. 1987, DK) is an artist based in Copenhagen. She is currently in residency at Art Lab Gnesta. Her practice deals with public spheres and different kinds of communities, by looking into aspects of knowledge sharing, acquisition of sites and the identity and atmosphere of places. The media she works with range from photo and installation to dialogue-based processes, walks and actions. She holds a master from the Funen Art Academy.