Published: 17 August, 2018

Grafisk design: Oskar Laurin

22/9 – 28/10
The exhibition at Art Lab Gnesta is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday 12pm-4pm.

Participating artists: Jenny Anderson, Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology, Johannes Helldén, Ingela Ihrman, Katarina Lundgren, Uriel Orlow, Luiza Prado and Tobias Sjöberg

The exhibition Herbarium collects and presents artists exploring various medical traditions, future ecologies, theft of biological material and colonial resistance. The participating artists also explore the boundaries between the body’s inner and outer and in various ways man’s relation to nature. The different artworks take us into the body, down into the soil, through layers of time, across the boundaries of geography and the body.

Through the exhibition we ask: how can we view plants not only as witnesses but also as agents in our different histories? As agents bringing together perspectives and traditions that normally remain separated. Agents transgressing the boundaries between nature and culture, tradition and modernity, established as well as alternative medicine.

Herbarium is produced by Art Lab Gnesta and Grafikens Hus. The exhibition opens at Art Lab Gnesta on September 22 and runs until October 28. But like offshoots, through performances, lectures and installations the exhibition also takes place in Stockholm, Södertälje, Järna och Ytterjärna.

Exhibition text (PDF)