Wallpaper workshop with the spruce bark beetle

Published: 5 October, 2019
Wallpaper workshop with the spruce bark beetle

Friday, October 25 from 4 to 7 pm, Art Lab Gnesta

Welcome to a workshop where we work artistically with drawing and collage to approach the spruce bark beetle (Granbarkborren) and the designs/patterns it creates. We watch nature films and work together to produce a whole new wallpaper!

Last summer, Squid Squad was on a hike in the forest to get to know the spruce bark beetle closer. The spruce bark beetle is the insect that causes the most damage in the spruce forests. Modern forestry with only spruce forests, instead of mixed forests, has, together with a warmer and drier climate, led to major attacks. What can we learn about the global shifts we are in the middle of, by approaching a small drill both artistically and biologically?

Everyone between the ages of 13-25 is welcome, even if you have not participated in Squid Squad before. It is free to join and we offer coffee!

Do you have questions? Please contact:
signe.johannessen@artlabgnesta.se, 070 877 63 85.

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