Art Lab Gnesta at Folk & Kultur 2020

Published: 10 January, 2020
Art Lab Gnesta at Folk & Kultur 2020

Folk och kultur

During the national gathering for cultural policy in Sweden and the Nordic Folk & kultur (People & Culture), Art Lab Gnesta participates with two program points:

Wednesday 5/2 at 16-17
A changed artfield – survival strategies and resistance
How have political developments in Europe in recent years affected situations for smaller actors in the art field and how do they relate to other political constraints? What alliances need to be established to secure not only the scope for art, but everyone’s democratic rights? Presentations are based on the AOOO network initiated by Art Lab Gnesta and Konstfrämjandet brings together self-organized and small-scale organizations and collectives within the field of contemporary art in the Nordic region, to combine with colleagues from other parts of the world developed strategies to strengthen our joint resilience and management power. Read more at (Swedish only)

Friday 7/2 at 11.30-12.30
Action plan to counteract a segregated art field
An action plan to combat a segregated art field invites to a conversation about bureaucracy, change and art policy. The project was initiated by Art Lab Gnesta and Konstfrämjandet Stockholm. Read more at (Swedish only)