Workshop: write Speculative fiction with Helena Dahlgren

Published: 24 January, 2020
Workshop: write Speculative fiction with Helena Dahlgren

Helena Dahlgren

February 12 from 4 to 7 pm at Art Lab Gnesta

Author Helena Dahlgren tells us more about her own books and helps us write based on our thoughts on the future of the earth and humanity. Helena’s own darling genre is speculative fiction, according to Wikipedia “an umbrella term for representations with paranormal, supernatural, reality questioning, exploratory, future technological, mythical or fabled elements.”

Helena Dahlgren is a writer and translator, and writes books and short stories for young and adult. She is best known for her popular books about the Ödesryttarna, based on the online game Star Stable. Her latest books for young people are called Ödesryttarna: Fyra berättelser från Jorvik and Flickan i den rosa skogen.

Everyone between the ages of 13-25 is welcome, even if you have not participated in Squid Squad before. It is free to join and we offer fika!

Sign up to, 073 582 63 91, by February 10 if you want to come!