Ditches, floodgates and squares

Published: 23 October, 2020
Ditches, floodgates and squares

Saturday 14/11 at 12-14 Canceled

Welcome to a day of conversations and research based on the exhibition Errors of Morphology by Malin Franzén.

In a project stretching over several years, Malin Franzén has been interested in knowledge-seeking processes in areas such as botany, book printing and nature conservation, and the representations of these results. An important part of the artistic process is the recurring conversations that the artist has had with a couple of people who, based on their areas of interest and skills, have contributed to the work.

Now we invite you to a day about ditches, floodgates and squares, which move through the exhibition’s different rooms. In conversation with Axel Andersson (historian and author), Savita Avicienna (Earth CoLab) and Adam Adobati (landscape scientist Länsstyrelsen Sörmland & Naturskyddsföreningen Daga-Gnesta) different perspectives of the work are unpacked. Together, we test the British plant morphologist Agnes Arber’s methods for visualizing studies of plant material, and listen to conversations and readings with the invited guests.

The conversation begins close to Frösjön, next to Art Lab Gnesta. Dress warm! We offer hot cranberry juice and sandwiches.

NOTE! Limited number of participants. Pre-registration required. E-mail caroline.malmstrom@artlabgnesta.se if you want to attend.