It will float in the wind, flicker in the breeze – workshop with Åsa Norman

Published: 9 October, 2020
It will float in the wind, flicker in the breeze – workshop with Åsa Norman

Åsa Norman.

October 28-29, at 10-14

What questions are most important to you right now? How can you express them so that they become visible in the crowd? And how can textile banners from history inspire our work? What does a banner we make and gather under look like today? Is it possible to gather under a common banner, and if so, what does it look like?

We prepare for the demonstrations of the future by making textile banners with the help of the artist Åsa Norman. We also turn to crafter and women’s rights activist Mary Lowndes (1857-1929) who has said about banner making:

Åsa Norman.

Åsa Norman

“A banner is not about words, it is not a poster: leave such to bulletin boards and billboards. A banner is something that should wave in the wind, flutter in the breeze, give splashes of color for our enjoyment, alternately show, alternately hide a motto you long to interpret: you should not read it, you should respect it. ”

Åsa Norman is a textile artist. In 2019, the exhibition “The sun shines differently depending on the weather” was shown at Art Lab Gnesta.

The workshop is free! Sign up via DM or to

Squid squad is for you between about 13-25 years in or around Gnesta who is interested in climate issues and art.

In collaboration with Kurioso – an art festival for children and young people, Sörmland’s museum.