The Useless Mouths

Published: 23 August, 2021
The Useless Mouths

Photo: Cannibal Peasant - Sigrid Holmwood, 2021

4/9 – 10/10 2021

Sigrid Holmwood, Moa Franzén / Kajsa Wadhia / Tove Salmgren, Django Giambanco, Åsa Norman, Linda Persson, Jannica Sandström

To speculate is to suggest, to investigate and to invest in possibilities, and the very basis for being able to experiment. Speculation has guided Art Lab Gnesta since we opened our doors in October 2011. With the help of speculation, we have asked questions about the nature of the world, not only about how it is or has been, but also how it could be.

This year we celebrate our 10 year anniversary, but instead of summarizing those years, we look back many hundreds of years. We return to a time that is often characterized by its alleged darkness, to throw prickly little arrows that make rifts in time during their journey towards the future. Here flourishes more-than-human relationships, hybrid bodies, submission and dance. Here are voices that we must listen to in order to find new ways of being in the world together.

The exhibition shows paintings, sculptures, textile objects, video and audio works that suggest other ways of making history and offer opportunities for both resistance, submission and amends. While encountering the artworks, new, strange beings of futurity emerge, who hopefully sneak out the door with you as you leave.


Exhibition text (pdf, 540 K)

The exhibition is open Fri-Sun at 12-16.


Feel free to visit the exhibition, but only if you are healthy. Even if you have minor symptoms, you should stay home.

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