From bonfire to bonfire – art and Walborg celebrations at Nynäs Castle

Published: 4 April, 2022
From bonfire to bonfire – art and Walborg celebrations at Nynäs Castle

Foto: Jonas Rahm

Saturday 30 April.
Nynäs Castle, Tystberga.
Free entry all day.

Welcome to celebrate Valborg at Nynäs Castle! We dedicate the whole day to the earth’s warmth and value. We let art events, workshops and stories about earth spread out in the castle park. As dusk approaches, we light the annual Walpurgis fire.

What do a pile of money and a pile of manure have in common? How are eco-logy and economics actually related? Here on the farm, on Finance Minister Johan August Gripenstedt’s old manure hill, a new currency is being created. Come and listen to invited scientists, press earth coins and share your own earth story with us, as well as participate in the carnival of the underground who will inaugurate an earth sculpture in the kitchen garden! So it is about earth, the basis of all life and the source of all wealth. By and with the artists (P)Art of the Biomass and the research project Humus economics.

At the old elm next to Nynäs kitchen garden, the artists in Kultivator have built a castle for biological diversity together with students from Öknaskolan’s high school for natural resources. Hedgehogs, birds and small insects can seek refuge here. Biodiversity is extremely important for nature’s basic functions, such as pollination and purification of air and water. Help us build on the new castle in the shadow of the old one!

In the interactive performance I am like the forest but different by the choreographer Katja Seitajoki, children (approx. 4-7 years old) get to discover and investigate the secrets of the forest in a forest clearing through sound, movement and storytelling. Through movement and play, we gain new perspectives on the forest’s treasures. Free tickets can be picked up in the store.

Creative workshop with art educator Yanina Casanova and craft consultant Niklas Eriksson from Sörmland’s museum. When the weather is nice, we are outdoors and are inspired by nature/the earth and the artists’ works. The activity is adapted for families with children of different ages and no prior knowledge is required.

Nynäs castle opens again for the season, and offers tours of the castle during the day. The exhibitions  Hållbara hus (Sustainable houses) och Fyll skafferiet  (Fill the pantry) are open.

During the day, Åsa Kratz (s), chairman of the culture and education committee in Region Sörmland, gives an opening speech and Axel Andersson, author and historian, gives Walborg speeches. Dinner is served in the restaurant.

See the full schedule for the day

The day is part of the project Tänka med jorden (Think with the Earth/Dirt), which revolves around Nynäs Castle by considering its more than 800-year old history, the surrounding agricultural landscape and 3266 hectares of nature reserve as a potentially critical place for reflection on human’s place on earth. New artworks are developed in dialogue with the site by invited artists, some permanent, others more temporary. The park invites you to reflect on the role of humans as part of nature. An experimental place where artists, young people and the public can meet in questions about how we live in, use and care for our surrounding landscape.

The project is run by Art Lab Gnesta in collaboration with Nynäs castle and nature reserve and Sörmland Museum, with support from the Swedish Arts Council and Region Sörmland.