Inauguration: Göhsir – a castle for biological diversity

Published: 16 May, 2022
Inauguration: Göhsir – a castle for biological diversity

Saturday 28 May at 11-16

Inauguration with the help of Ardennes horse Conrad at 2 p.m.

Nynäs slott, Tystberga
Free admission all day

At the old elm next to Nynäs kitchen garden, artists Kultivator have together with students from Öknaskolan’s nature management high school built, braided and woven a castle for biological diversity. Now we finally inaugurate the new castle in festive forms!

From old sly and wood now rises a new castle in the shadow of the old. Here, among other things, hares, birds and small insects can seek refuge. Biodiversity is extremely important for nature’s basic functions, such as pollination and purification of air and water.

During the day, we invite you to take part in a creative workshop with art teacher Yanina Casanova and sloyd consultant Niklas Eriksson from Sörmland’s museum, outdoors and inspired by nature / earth and the artists’ work. The activity is adapted for families with children of different ages and no prior knowledge is required.

Nynäs Castle offers tours of the castle during the day. The exhibitions Sustainable Houses and Fill the Pantry are open.

The inauguration is part of the Think with the Earth project, which is based on Nynäs Castle, its more than 800-year history, the surrounding landscape and the 3,822-hectare nature reserve. New artworks – some permanent – others more temporary, will be developed by invited artists. The park invites reflections on the role of man as part of nature. An experimental place where artists, young people and audiences can meet in questions about how we live in, use and protect our surrounding landscape.

The project is run by Art Lab Gnesta in collaboration with Nynäs Castle / Sörmland Nature Farm and Sörmland Museum, with support from the Swedish Arts Council and the Sörmland Region. 

Nynäs slott och naturreservat Logotyp för Sörmlands Museum, en del av Region Sörmland Kulturrådet Region Sörmland