ISLET FICTIONS – Or the presence of the gap

Published: 13 May, 2022
ISLET FICTIONS – Or the presence of the gap

View of Sisters’ Talk (2022, augmented reality experienced through QR code via smartphone) By Tatiana Danilevskaya (with the participation of Mikhail Dobrovolsky and Ivan Kalinichev).

3-12 June
Artists Milagros Bedoya, Tatiana Danilveskaya & Abdellah M. Hassak
Curated by Sara Rossling & Meryem Saadi

ISLET FICTIONS Or the presence of the gap explores Gnesta and Bryggeriholmen from a distance and fiction to fill gaps of non-on-site experience. The exhibition is the outcome of an open-ended collaborative project between two curators and three invited artists during the peak of the pandemic in 2021. Departing from a residency at Art Lab Gnesta that took the form of a hybrid format through on-site visits and online gatherings with the artists, the project delved into sound, connectivity, and international exchange during unpredictable periods of lockdowns and solitude.

The collective process oriented through site-related work and thought, experimenting with mediation, transmission and digital ways of engaging with a place and its locals. Fiction and alternative narration became artistic methods of approaching Gnesta as a site and handling the gaps of not being able to embed oneself physically in a place. The exhibition asks, what happens to the individual notion of a place when there is limited access to it? And what are the possibilities of such gaps when imagining a place?


Meryem Saadi is a PM MOBILE-Resident hosted at Art Lab Gnesta in Gnesta, Sweden as part of the Immigré Artist (IA) Network co-funded by Nordic Culture Point. The IA-Network is curated by Perpetuum Mobile (PM).

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