Fruiting bodies, subterranean minds

Published: 7 September, 2022
Fruiting bodies, subterranean minds

Mapu Kufüll - Seba Cal

Seba Calfuqueo, Anna Ihle, Haidar Mahdi, Amanda Selinder

17/9-6/11 2022

Fungi are everywhere and are essential to all life. They simultaneously break down matter while creating new. Through intricate connections in mycelium, fruiting bodies and spores, they connect the subterranean with the terrestrial.

Some biologists believe that their activities should be considered intelligent; a dynamic, receptive and responsive network, still too unexplored.

The exhibition “Fruiting bodies, underground minds” brings together works by artists who, from their human horizon, approaches different mycological angles. The inherent agency of the mushrooms is made visible here as a starting point for conversations about time, care and the possibility of stretching consciousness.

Exhibition text (pdf 620K)