Holmenfestivalen 2022

Published: 9 September, 2022
Holmenfestivalen 2022

Markakt, Jenny-Käll and Sara Söderberg

Saturday September 17, 2022

The Holmen Festival is a celebration of the relationships between artistic research, biological excellence, everyday life, local community and theoretical deepening that have emerged at Bryggeriholmen in Gnesta.

In recent years, we have created new shared spaces: a greenhouse that is always open, a grill to gather around, a pallet collar farm where neighbors can grow their own food. Artists have been invited to produce new permanent works inspired by the islet’s history, geology and ruins. Biologists have taken part in inventorying which other species inhabit the islet. What new public spaces can emerge if we take several species into account? What is required for continued continuous care of shared spaces?

With its roots in the Holmen Festival of previous decades (celebrated by the local residents at the time), we invite you to a day full of food, art and conversation.



Fruiting Bodies, Subterranean Minds
Exhibition Opening
Seba Calfuqueo, Anna Ihle, Haidar Mahdi and Amanda Selinder

The Cellar
Mirko Nikolic & Marika Troili
Barter and potato harvest. You are welcome to bring something that would be suitable for storage in an earthen cellar and exchange it for something else on the shelf.

Become a fruiting body – make your own mushroom hat!
Workshop for all ages.

Serving of Holmen’s potato soup and Gnesta bread. Guitar music by Kevin Ortiz Martinez.

I’m raining in your lungs
Reading by Bronwyn Bailey Charteris

Under jorden Under ground
Reading at the Cellar by Mirko Nikolic & Marika Troili

Berget igår
Markakt (Jenny Käll & Sara Söderberg)

Permanent works in the greenhouse:

Cara Tolmie & Julia Giertz

Traces of life in water levels
Sara Ekholm Eriksson

Many thanks to Kulturbryggan, Kulturrådet, Gnesta municipality and everyone who works, lives, roams, grows and lands on Bryggeriholmen.