Published: 30 January, 2023

March 18 – May 7, 2023
Åsa Elzén, Saskia Gullstrand, Olle Halvars, Lisa Jeannin, Marja-Leena Sillanpää, Pär Thörn, Jessica Williams

The exhibition Horizons presents new works by invited artists, designers and poets that visited Art Lab Gnesta during winter and early spring of 2023. All of them had a week each to work with our risograph – an environmentally friendly machine that produces diverse and colorful prints.

The risograph was launched in the 80’s and was mainly used by schools, churches and political movements to spread messages cheaply and effectively. Each color is printed separately, giving an unpredictable, organic and tactile final result.

The horizon is the farthest point on Earth that we can see. It also describes the borderland between what we already know and what we cannot perceive. What knowledge is evoked between the hands of the artists and the dull thumps of the machine?

A multitude of flyers, fanzines, posters and artist’s books emerges in the big exhibition hall. During the exhibition, everyone is invited to explore the risograph through a program of workshops for all ages.



Exhibition text (pdf)


Finissage May 6 at 12-18! Welcome!