When the candle melts – candle workshop & finishing

Published: 28 October, 2022
When the candle melts – candle workshop & finishing

Saturday 5/11 at 12-4pm
Free entry, drop-in

Saturday 5 November coincides with the autumn holidays, All Saints’ Day and the last weekend for Art Lab Gnesta’s exhibition Fruiting bodies, subterranean minds, about the ability of mushrooms to simultaneously break down and create new life.

On this day we invite you to a workshop to cast candles in stearic and beeswax from various objects that remind us of the transience of life, the final rest and the inevitable decay. A relic is a remnant or object that has come into contact with something sacred. Maybe it’s a piece of bone, a dead branch or a particular rock? What relics can our time hold, and what happens when the candle finally melts?

The workshop is suitable for all ages, but young participants may need a helping hand from an accompanying adult. Workshop leaders are Maline Casta and Anna Andersson.

The workshop is free and everyone is welcome. If there are many of us at the same time, there may be a certain waiting time.


The workshop is part of Kurioso, Sörmland’s museum‘s art festival for children and young people.

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