Open Call for residency stay in Bangalore / India in December 2016

Published: 13 June, 2016
Open Call for residency stay in Bangalore / India in December 2016

Kati Roover, Flowing Place

within the framework of the program Create in Residence: Swamp Storytelling

The Swamp Storytelling combines the working fields for scientific research and artistic production on current environmental issues through a collaboration between Art Lab Gnesta, the Indian research network Earth CoLab and the Swedish Institute. Now we invite artists to apply for participation in the project.

Artists are invited to the residency and close dialogue with scientists and officials to formulate new perspectives on issues of environment, climate challenges and disaster management.

The project started in 2014 and has also produced educational meetings and works related to the Swedish swamp.

Art Lab Gnesta has since its inception in 2010 acted as a platform for discussions about the environment and rural issues, and have made several artistic new productions with artists around these issues. We are already well aware of what the past hundreds of years of industrial, human activity had on the planet. In Swamp Storytelling, we want to bring together a scientific reality and artistic understanding of the wetland. If we see the swamp as both a symbol of the prevailing climate policy, the necessary processes of transformation and life’s cradle: what will then wait in the damp mud, among deep roots and decomposition?

We offer

* One month tailored residence stay based in Bangalore in close dialogue with Earth Colab, with trips to other cities in India after the project needs
* Stipend of 1,000 euros
* Travel expenses to / from Sweden India and necessary domestic travels in India
* Production costs based upon agreement
* Presentation of the project at Art Lab Gnesta upon agreement

We’re looking for one artist and the residency should begin in December 2016.

E-mail your application to no later than 31 August 2016. Send a brief project description, CV with relevant documentation and a link to previous work.


The selection is made by a working group with representatives from Art Lab Gnesta, Earth CoLab and the Swedish Institute and will be based on the theme of the artistic work, curiosity for the location and the expected opportunity to benefit from what we offer. Decisions will be announced in September.

For more information about the project, see Swamp Storytelling and

About Create in Residence:

Create in Residence is a bilateral residency program initiated by the Swedish Institute in 2014. The program is implemented in different artistic and creative disciplines, and aims to promote knowledge exchange and build lasting networks between individuals and organizations in Sweden and other countries.