Autumn holidays: Graphics & Stencil Workshop

Published: 19 October, 2018
Autumn holidays: Graphics & Stencil Workshop

During the autumn holiday week (V44) we invite you to two different workshops. Welcome!

Drop in Graphics with Tova Fransson

October 29, 2 pm-4pm, Art Lab Gnesta
Open to all ages

Create your own Herbarium by printing your favorite plants with graphic artist Tova Fransson. At the same time you can see the exhibition Herbarium. The exhibition presents artwork that explores various medical traditions, future ecologies, bio-thefts and colonial resistance. The exhibition and workshop take place in collaboration with Grafikens hus.

Stencil workshop with Munish Wadhia

November 1-2 at 10-12
Age: 8-13 years

Munish WadhiaLearn how to make stencils and pattern designs with the artist Munish Wadhia!

What makes us feel at home? What places do we dream about? How are we affected by the images in our homes?

Bring a image that is in your home, or a photo of it. Based on these pictures we create patterns that we then make stencils from. We use them to make new images with spray paint and colored powder.

The workshop is free! Limited number of participants, sign up to