Published: 28 January, 2016

February 6 – March 12, 2016

Opening on February 6, 12-16 pm with speech by Tobias Barenthin Lindblad.

The exhibition Signature is a tribute to the handwritten signature.

A signature can be a certificate, a document of value, and at the same time a subtle whisper.

Through history, human have had the need to leave behind their signature as a message and a trace of her existence.

To shape one’s signature is a craft that can be developed throughout life.

We invite you to develop and experiment with your handwriting and allow your signature to become part of the exhibition. Together we create a myriad of writings and a gallery of signatures.

The exhibition Signature is initiated by Annika Sundin and Emanuel Hallklint, and the finale of a thriving and productive time with Gnesta Artistic Youth Council that since 2013 have undertaken projects such as Klotterstaden, Gnesta målarvägg, Trappgatan, Chill and much more. With the generous support of Allmänna arvsfonden.


Photo: Dokument Press

February 13, 13-15
Tags – Calligraphy of the Streets

Tobias Barenthin Lindblad, from Dokument Press, on the history and evolution of the tag.

Free. No registration required.

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Marianne Pettersson Soold

Marianne Pettersson-Soold

February 27, 13-15
Calligraphy, Marianne Pettersson-Soold

Free. No registration required.

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March 12 , 12-16

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Gnesta kommun, Logotyp Arvsfonden Konstframjandet, logotyp