Swamp storytelling

Swamp Storytelling is a communal investigation of the swamp and its biological and mythological functions. The goal is to combine the fields of scientific research and artistic production and their relevance for current environmental issues, while at the same time investigating how art can function as a communicator of research knowledge. The project has been run since 2016 as a collaboration with the Indian scientist network Earth CoLab and the Swedish Institute.

We see the swamp as a symbol of the prevailing climate policy, necessary processes of transformation and the cradle of life: what lies among the deep roots and ongoing decomposition in the damp mud? How can art describe this?

In the exchange, artists from Sweden are invited to a period of residency and close dialogue with scientists and officials in order to reach new perspectives on questions related to the environment, climate challenge and disaster management. Indian artists and others cultural workers are at the same time invited to a period of residency in Sweden. The project has produced also educational meetings and work related to Swedish swamps.

In 2016, Swamp Storytelling became a part of Create in Residence, a bilateral residency program initiated by the Swedish Institute in 2014. The program is being conducted in several artist and creative disciplines and aims to promote the exchange of knowledge and to create long-term ties between individuals and organizations in Sweden and other countries.

Artists participating in the exchange: Mikael Lindahl, Ingela Ihrman, Kati Roover, Jennifer Rainsford, Zeenat Nagree and Marialaura Ghidini

Swamp Storytelling has previously had the support of the Helge Ax:son Johnson Foundation, the Swedish Arts Council and The Swedish Arts Grants Committee/Iaspis.

Project-based activities

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