Momentum Gnesta

Momentum Gnesta gathers artists, local players, newcomers and others from Gnesta’s population in communal cultural activities.

In five sub-projects, artists and cultural players collaborate in activities such as drawing, cultivation, films, music and crafts, productions to be presented at exhibitions, festivals, publications and films. Issues related to how to create collaboration between those active in the arts and culture and new arrivals are explored in two seminars. We are also producing a film to document the project.

The project is building a local network that can continue to live long after the end of the project, and that is based on the conviction that everyone has something to contribute. The goal of Momentum Gnesta is to develop methods that society can use to deal with far-reaching change by building on the knowledge that is already available, and the new knowledge that is added.

The project did run from 2016 until 2019, with support from the Swedish Inheritance Fund.

Project-based activities